Advanced Training in Document Security and Fraud for Forensic Main Division of the Georgian Ministry of Internal Affairs

From 20-24 October 2014, under the EU-funded "Enhanced Cooperation for Secure Borders and Safe Migration" IOM organized advanced training in document security and fraud for officials from Forensic Main Division of the Georgian Ministry of Internal Affairs.  

The training was carried out by Dutch experts Johan Hollegie and Hendrik Van Zanten.  Officials were trained in a the latest commercial techniques for securing documents as well as analysis of polymer and polymer/cotton blends in both travel documents and currency.  Included in the sessions on document abuse was an extremely well received session on the abuse and unauthorized replacement of RFID chips in European Union e-passports.  The experts left officials in no doubt that travel document abuse evolves in line with the introduction of documents with ever more sophisticated security features.  The closing ceremony was attended by the head of the Forensic Main Division Nugzar Sujashvili and IOM’s Chief of Mission Ilyana Derilova.